There are two categories of paint: water based or oil based paint. Water based paint is the most popular of the two. Professionals prefer to paint with oil based paint were a choice can be made, because these paints form a hard, protective finish on the surface which they are applied.

  • Cleaning
  • Preparing inside
  • Preparing outside

Weather it is indoors or outdoors you always need to clean the surface properly before you start any paint job. There aren't many things that are more important than properly preparing the surface to accept the paint. This step will make or break your paint job. If the surface isn't clean, dry, and free of debris, then your new paint won't stick. No matter how expensive it is or what the label guarantees about coverage. After cleaning all the surfaces you should inspect them for any imperfections that may affect the look of your paint job. Cracks and gaps must be repaired.