Paint problems (PDF's)

One of the major causes of paint failure is moisture getting behind the paint film. Water entering the ground can be absorbed into masonry, then migrates upward and, warmed by the sun, creates water vapor pressure on the back side of the paint film. This moisture can cause peeling paint on the lower part of the masonry walls. Water must be stopped before it enteres the masonry by treating the surface below ground with a coal tar coating.

Some other paint problems and solutions are;

  1. Algea
  2. Aligatoring
  3. Blistering
  4. Blocking
  5. Burnishing
  6. Chalk run
  7. Chalking
  8. Cracking
  9. Fading
  10. Lapping
  11. Mildew
  12. Nailhead Rusting
  13. Peeling from concrete floors
  14. Peeling from masonary and brick
  15. Peeling from window sills and frames
  16. Pelling from wood due to moisture
  17. Picture framing
  18. Poor flow
  19. Poor galvanized metal adhesion
  20. Poor hiding
  21. Roller spattering
  22. Sagging
  23. Surfactant leaching
  24. Uneven gloss
  25. Wrinkling